Come, sit-in, decide, sign-up

To join, come and sit-in at a session or two to see if Toastmasters is the right fit for you. Should you decide to sign-up, fill-up the membership form, prepare P3,800.00 payment  for the first 6 months of membership inclusive of 2 manuals--Competent Communication and Competent Leadership, a Toastmaster magazine subscription, 11-12 sessions, and a support community.

The benefits of membership in Toastmasters is you get a facility for practicing communication via public speaking, and leadership; much like a gym membership for physical fitness. As Pathways arrives this July, 2017, Toastmasters widens the spectrum of communications in its education program. Toastmasters expands the stage to include blogging, podcasting, social media presence, facilitating online meetings, and online presentations. The stage is no longer just what we see in a theater.